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Lord Khandoba’s Sculpture

Lord Khandoba is a folk deity worshiped especially in the Indian Deccan. The sculpture pictured below features him seated in an upright position on a horseback holding a sword in one hand and shield in the other whereas the horse is stationed in passant position on a rectangular low base. The sculpture belongs to the late 18th century or early 19th century A.D.  It is made using a mixture of brass and bronze which over the years has developed a brown film over the surface.

Despite being a miniature sculpture, the details aren’t spared, each element is finely emphasized. You can know more about our artifacts collection from


Lord Khandoba’s sculpture

Lord Khandoba is a Hindu deity who is worshipped in the region of the Indian Deccan. This statue features him with four arms, each wielding a weapon. He is seated on a horse standing statant on a rectangular pedestal. This miniature idol, now at The Great Eastern Home, is made out of bronze and belongs to the late 19th century.

The worship of Khandoba developed during the 9th and 10th centuries. In this period, this deity evolved from a folk deity into a composite god possessing the attributes of Shiva, Bhairava, Surya and Kartikeya. He is depicted either in the form of a Lingam or as an image riding on a bull or a horse. The foremost centre of Khandoba worship is Jejuri in Maharashtra. At Jejuri, legendary tales about him are narrated in folk songs which revolve around his many marriages and his victory over the Mani-malla demons.

Come come visit us at The Great Eastern Home at Byculla and take a good look at Lord Khandoba, along with our other miniature collections, all showcased within a glass box.