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18th century Sculpture of Lord Shiva and Parvati

Wood has been an excellent medium for artists in India right from the start. Throughout the history of Indian art, wood carvings seems to be the most luxurious kind of art. Well-known example of wooden sculptures can be that of the Hindu temples in ancient period which were marvelously decorated with doors, ceilings and various fittings carved in teak and other kinds of wood. These carvings were marked with typical patterns of extreme richness and minute elaboration. In India, idols of god, goddesses and demigods are the most preferred themes through this presentation.

Seen here is the sculpture of the four armed Lord Shiva with his wife, Parvati, seated on the Nandi. The background is decorated with a round shaped prabhavali. It is an 18th century sculpture in wood, sculpted in South Indian style. The southern parts of India are known for their wooden sculptures and toys as they display intricate carvings with meticulous finishing. You can always reach us at to know about pieces that intrigue you as that is something that cannot be subdued!18th century Sculpture of Lord Shiva and Parvati


18th century sculpture of Goddess Laxmi

Sculpture has always been an essential part of Indian civilization; a culture that dates back to ancient times and has flourished uninterrupted to the present. It is fundamentally important to India’s one billion Hindu adherents. The sculptures serve as the focal point for the devotees to worship, meditate on, or otherwise communicate with Hinduism’s innumerable deities and demigods.

The Great Eastern Home has taken pleasure in displaying an 18th century old sculpture of Goddess Laxmi (also known as Vaishnavi) in high relief in the South Indian style. The goddess is four-armed and seated on a lotus. There are lotus-petal motifs behind her and a small figure of a devotee seated on the left side. The proportions of the body and face follow rules and standards established many centuries ago. The goddesses are thought to be supremely beautiful with their shapely bodies and fine facial features. Alas, we can say that we are some centuries late to witness the artifact intact, as the sculpture is a bit defaced and damaged. But it is all worth a look at The Great Eastern Home! You can reach us at

The Great Eastern Home 18th century sculpture of goddess laxmi (2)