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18th Century Wooden sculpture of a Divinity

Pictured here is a high relief sculpture of a three-armed divinity holding gada in both his hands. A gada is a club that essentially has a spherical head mounted on a shaft with a spike on the top. The other upraised hand of the deity also held an object which is now broken. It is an 18th century wooden sculpture made in South Indian style.

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18th century’s erotic sculpture

The Great Eastern Home 18th century sculpture of an erotic couple

The liberal representations of amorous couples sculpted on temple walls or monuments in early and medieval India were considered important in terms of the  religious iconography of that era. There are many theories about the reason for the presence of such explicit carvings, of which one plausible reason is to ward off evil. Another school of thought believes that Tantrism may have influenced eroticism in art.

Today, we are featuring a 18th century sculpture of a divine couple standing in an erotic posture on a pedestal. They are flanked by a stylized plant on their right side and it is sculpted out of black colored wood. Though age has cost the sculpture; it still holds its own as a worthy piece of art.

There is no doubt, of course, that the Indian sculptors exhibit an intensely sensuous awareness of life through their artwork. The spatial positioning and the remarkable detail of the execution of such pieces of art can fill you with wonder. Come visit and have a look at these pieces before they are snapped up.  You can reach us at