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A glimpse of The Grand Trunk Show at Bengaluru


17th century sculpture of five human figures

The sculpture pictured below belongs to the 17th century.  The entire piece is carved out of wood and depicts a couple seated on a rectangular bench, where the woman is shown combing the man’s hair. They’re flanked by a lady standing with a dog on one side and a man on the other. There is also a man reclining below the bench.

We wouldn’t know what their positioning means but it is said that maybe they represent prayers for some kind of purpose like a strong son, good crops or a bountiful catch of fish or other reasons.  At times the figures of men, women, animals and combinations of all these are served to honor nature and its power in many expressions.

Sculpture is one of the oldest forms of the arts and getting to see an almost 300 year old one is by any standard a fortune. If you would like to see this one, and you are in Mumbai, The Great Eastern Home isn’t that far away. A visit would be worth your while. Plan your visit at

The Great Eastern Home 17th century sculpture of 5 human figures


Art work from Vipin Singh Rajp