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A glimpse of The Grand Trunk Show at Bengaluru


18th century sculpture of Hanuman

It is said that he was the son of the King and Queen of the monkeys. Some say he is the son of a female Apsara (who had been transformed into a monkey by a curse) and Vayu, the wind god. He is immortalised for being an ardent devotee of Rama and that alone confirms that we’re talking of one of the earliest Indian superheroes: Hanuman.

The South East Asian sculpture here shows Hanuman, wearing beautiful ornaments which had been decorated with glass pieces, in a climbing pose. Age has dimmed the decorations. Being more than 200 years old, the sculpture, which had been painted in various colors, now barely has any colour left on it. This rare artifact is from South East Asia.

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The Great Eastern Home 18th century Hanuman sculpture