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Buddhist Furniture

Picured here is a piece of low relief furniture of a Buddhist ritual. It is triple tiered and opens out into seven small arches on the front, with motifs bearing a blend of of mountains, birds, animals and clouds, all carved in low relief thereby giving it a scenic look. It has a plain top with an open back. This piece of furniture which probably comes from 18th Century Bhutan was painted with minimalistic colors which have completely faded out over the years, leaving mere traces of paints.

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18th century high relief sculpture

An 18th century sculpture, it features a man standing on a pedestal and playing a bugle. The attire of the man looks that of a commoner’s as he is seen wearing a frock-coat with a scarf wrapped around his neck and a tight garment below along with a turban on his head. To his left is a young boy also playing a bugle. The man is flanked by animals. The bugle has its own history: it has always been a simple brass instrument having no valves or other pitch-altering devices and it is played by using the facial muscles alone (embouchure). The wood sculpture shows its age and damage has almost obscured the details.

The original location of this piece is unknown but it most certainly shows the workmanship of an old art form.  You can view many more artifacts just like this at or at our store, which makes a visit a treat for any history and antiquities buff.

The Great Eastern Home 18th century high relief sculpture