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Bekal beckons with The fabulous Grand Trunk Show.

After triumphant showings in  Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru, The Grand Trunk Show now reaches The Taj Bekal in Kerala.

An exclusive association between The Great Eastern Home and The Taj Khazana, The Grand Trunk Show has gained a unique following. Featured extensively in the media, the show’s ‘next showing’ has been eagerly awaited for some time now.

WIth the show in Bekal but a week away, this latest edition of The Grand Trunk Show is all it has been… a signature collection comprising of fine furniture, antiques and artifacts among other articles that are highly valued by collectors today.

Please download your personal  invitation to The Grand Trunk Show here and come visit. The Taj Bekal is a spectacular property, a unique setting for The Grand Trunk Show, and it all promises to fuse into one unforgettable occasion.



A glimpse of The Grand Trunk Show at Bengaluru


A quick chat about The Grand Trunk Show with Dr. Anurag Kanoria

A quick chat with Anurag Kanoria of The Great Eastern Home about the upcoming Grand Trunk Show in exclusive association with the Taj Khazana at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai.

The Grand Trunk Show is gaining quite a following of its own now…
We had a triumphant opening show at the Taj Falaknuma, then at the Taj in Delhi. This is the third Show, and two more are scheduled…

What is the plan for The Grand Trunk Show at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai?
Of course, this particular location makes it a different world of lavish. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel has a fantastic history, not the least being the very first hotel of what is now a world-renowned chain. In the manner of The Grand Trunk Show, the displays will be throughout the entire property. The show starts, so to speak, at the lobby of the Taj Towers and it will occupy key spaces all way through to and in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel: in the corridor to the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the area along the swimming pool, the grand staircase under the historic dome, the corridor opposite to the Sea Lounge, the entire corridor flanking the Crystal Rooms and the atria space off this celebrated corridor. All the pieces will be located at historic spots, including a couple of showplaces like the famous ones that feature the collection of photographs of the international luminaries who have been guests of The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel since 1903.

That’s quite a spread…
Over 20 ‘stations’ across the length of 150 glorious, celebrated, historic floor space. It will be something to see… unique, a first-ever, and a thrilling display of fine art, furniture, antiques and artifacts.

What’s next for The Grand Trunk Show?
For one, it will always happen in an exclusive association with the Khazana. The Khazana itself has an illustrious history, and with its re-opening at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, we are delighted to be associated with it. Right in the next two months, Khazana and The Great Eastern Home will have The Grand Trunk Show at the Taj Chennai and Bengaluru. That makes for a fabulous opening season: Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru and you can anticipate more of these fabulous events, in exclusive association with the Taj Khazana of course, in quick order all through 2015.



# The Duke of Buckingham’s State Howdah


The Grand Trunk Show. in association with the Taj Khazana, is a grand affair presenting a breath-taking collection of fine furniture, antiques and artifacts. Since the Mumbai show is just round the corner. we thought of giving you a peek into what is in store in the signature collection. These pieces are extremely rare objects, that are highly valued by collectors today and their presence alone is electrifying!


The Howdah was built to mark the victory of the East India Company during the Indian Mutiny of 1857, which was followed by the institution of direct rule by the British Crown in place of the East India Company administration. After declaring sovereignty, the Raj undertook a complete reconstruction of hierarchy. In 1858, the Duke of Buckingham was appointed as the Governor of Madras and this is one of the original five Howdahs’ commissioned for ceremonial use in the state and the Imperial Assemblage at Delhi.

A Howdah is usually a boat shaped seating arrangement for riding on the back of an elephant or camel. This one is built in an Anglo-Indian style by the Simpson & Company in the year 1858. The handles have two tigers seated on the top. The front side has a British insignia on a lion and a horse surmounted by foliage engraved on it. The Howdah stands on four stylized fish shaped legs and is outlined with a supportive metal ring around it.

This is going to be one of the first ‘Signature Pieces’ that you are going to come across at The Grand Trunk Show at the Taj Palace in Mumbai. Come visit. Download your invitation at