Sculpture of Yali and its rider

by greateasternhome


A strong tradition and expertise in sculpture is one of India’s long-standing glories and one of our strongest claims to eminence in the domain of art. Surviving artifacts, spanning many centuries, are incontestable evidence of the creative imagination and skill of Indian artisans.

The 18th century Rajasthani sculpture featured today, 46 cms, in height and 34 cms in breadth, rendered in  high relief, is that of a rider seated on the back of a passant lion headed-horse. The mythical creature is called Yali which is commonly seen in Hindu temples, often sculpted onto pillars. They are also depicted as part elephant, horse and lion.

Rajasthan is one state that has always been known for possessing one of the most exotic forms of art and crafts. The Great Eastern Home includes a number of noteworthy Rajasthani pieces of stylized wooden sculptures (some of which have already been featured on this blog). Come visit us …. hours will pass effortlessly as you make your way through our many collections. Plan your visit at