Sculpture of a lady and Shivling (18th century)

by greateasternhome

The Great Eastern Home 18th century's sculpture

Pictured above is a wooden sculpture, in high relief, of a lady worshiping the Shivling placed on a pedestal that is double bordered with lotus leaves. The sculpture may be cracked at some places but a keen eye would tell you much more than that. The ‘lingam’ is a representation of the Hindu deity, Shiva, and is the object of worship in temples. The Shaivaites, especially the women, consider it sacred and visit Shiv temples to perform puja every Monday. This 18th century sculpture from Rajasthan is one among many gems on display (and available if you’d like to buy it)  at The Great Eastern Home, Byculla showroom. You can always reach us at to plan your visit.

Size of this piece: 36 cms height, 22 cms breadth.