Sculpture of Lord Buddha

by greateasternhome

The sculpture of Lord Buddha is placed at the entrance of one its many showrooms at The Great Eastern Home. The exquisite piece sculpted in marble cannot escape your attention. A profound calmness is set upon the viewer and is generally noticed that people spend quite some time in front of this particular piece.

Lord Buddha is reclined on a stone slab wearing a Sanghati robe which is painted in lacquer red and black. The outer robe is referred to as the Sanghati robe. The Buddhist monastic robe is perhaps the oldest style of dress which is still in fashion even after 2500 years.

The Buddha is seen wearing Ushnish, which is a three dimensional oval at the top of his head symbolizing the attainment of reliance in the spiritual guide. To express it visually his topknot looks like a crown. The Buddha bears Urna mark which in the Buddhist art and culture is a spiral or in this case a circular dot placed on the forehead as an auspicious mark.

The sculpture is as old as the late 17th or early 18th century A.D. and procured from Burma. It is definite that you would come looking for this piece and marvel its beauty for a long time. Plan your visit soon at